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Every year, CMS has declared scholarships to the students of 1st year and 2nd year for their academic success, which boasts up their moral and reinforces them to perform well. The scholarship distributed by our esteemed President at Annual function every year.

 2007-09 BTACH

1st Year

Madhusmita samanta singhar.

Ruchi Nigam

Lopamudra Nayak

Pooja Mohapatra

Sidharth Sankar Chhotray

 2006-08 BTACH

2nd Year

  1. Ms. Suchismita Padhy

  2. Mr. Hrushikesh Mishra

  3.  Ms. Devjani

  4. Suniti Hota

  5. Laxmi kanta Rout.

2006-08 BTACH

    1st Year

    1.  Ms. Smruti Rekha Das                     

    2.  Ms. Suchismita Padhy         

    3.  Mr. Partha Sarathi Jena                   

    4.  Ms. Devjani                                   

    5.  Mr. Hrushikesh Mishra      

2005-07 BATCH

    1st Year

     1.       Ms. Urmi Sarita Dwivedy      

     2.       Ms. Smita Pattnayak               

     3.       Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sahu 

     4.       Mrs. Christina Arundhati Sen   

     5.       Ms. Aparajita Priyadarsini Mishra

    2nd year

      1.     Ms. Urmi Sarita Dwivedy                   

      2.       Mrs. Christina Arundhati Sen             

      3.       Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sahu                  

      4.       Ms. Smita Pattnayak                        

      5.       Mr. Rakesh Kumar Agasti    

2004-06 BATCH

1st Year

     1.                 Ms. Rajlaxmi Lenka

2.                 Ms. Shaswatee Swagatica  

3.                 Mr. Subrat Patro

4.                 Ms. Damayanti Behera       

5.                 Ms. Sai Smita Sahu

    2nd Year

     1.               Ms. Sheetal Jethy     

2.                 Ms. Rajlaxmi Lenka       

3.                 Ms. Shaswatee Swagatica  

4.                 Mr. Subrat Patro      

5.                 Ms. Sai Smita Sahu 

2003-05 BATCH

2nd Year

1.                 Ms. Pinku Paul

2.                 Ms. Rita Prusty

3.                 Mr. Bapi Kumar Parida

4.                 Ms. Soubhagya Manjari Sahoo

5.                 Ms. Monalisa Sahu


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