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Message from the President GB (CMS-OEC)

The foundation of professional education should be not only technical skill, but also a sense of social responsibility, an appreciation of social and human values and relationships, and disciplined power to see realities without prejudice or blind commitment. The problem of professional teaching is one of content as well as method. If the professional student has acquired wisely chosen basic knowledge and the professional way of thinking and working, then they can themselves acquire the knowledge required from time to time. If their time is spent in cramming their mind with facts, the process may make them less competent to work with fundamentals.

The Native American Saying goes that “Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember, Involve me, and I'll understand”. This is more relevant in the present day academic and professional world, where the student should not be a mere blind receiver of lessons, but also have the power and ability to critically examine them in the light of facts and situation, leading to creativity, success and a sense of fulfillment. Plutarch had rightly remarked long ago “A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled”.

At the Centre for Management Studies (CMS) my advise to the faculties and staff would be to encourages better contact between students and faculty, develops reciprocity and cooperation among students, encourages active (not passive) learning, give each one prompt feedback, emphasize time on task, communicate high expectations and self-confidence, and respects diverse talents and ways of learning. The students can also adopt some time tested tips for better learning such as: focusing on learning in more than one way, instead of just listening to classroom lectures, utilize previous learning to promote new learning, gain practical experience by doing research in the library or on the Web, beyond the classroom. Retention, recall and transfer are critical to success. The true test of effective learning lies in accurately remembering the information learnt, recalling them at a later time and utilize them effectively in a wide variety of situations that may come one’s way.

Above all, the Mantra of success should be sincerity, discipline, dedication, commitment and honesty in all that we attempt to do. These were the golden principles which our founder President late Sri Kamini Kanat Patnaik used to follow and advise.

Let us all strive to fulfill his dreams in letter and spirit in truly Grooming Global Managers.

(Mrs. Subhra Patnaik.)
Thank You

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